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23 September 2011 @ 02:31 pm
Takumi-kun Series: Ano Hareta Aozora (movie) - part 2  
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Here is part 2 of my detailed summary of Ano Hareta Aozora. I hope you will enjoy it!

With Takumi's flashback over, we get another one from Gii! Gii, in the present, is sitting in his dorm room studying. He looks out the window briefly before tipping his head back in his chair (Daisuke has a very nice neck). This flashback is definitely from June Pride. Takumi and Gii are in their dorm room, and Takumi wakes up in the middle of the night. He hasn't been sleeping well lately, and has had insomnia. Gii and Takumi have a discussion of what it means for Gii to say he loves Takumi - he asks Takumi if he knows what that means. Takumi says, "Oh, this is your 'what man in this world would be satisfied not being able to touch the one he loves' thing again, isn't it?" Gii gets upset, saying that even though Takumi claims he understands, and that he says he loves Gii, Takumi hasn't changed at all. Takumi says that he's changed a lot! Gii, still upset, says they shouldn't be fighting late at night, and tells Takumi to go to sleep. Gii's flashback ends.

In the present, Takumi returns to room 270, where Misu is studying. Misu tells Takumi not to get too close to Shingyouji, revealing how jealous he is of their friendship. Takumi tells Misu he shouldn't have worried Shingyouji about RinRin, and asks why Misu is jealous when he and Shingyouji aren't lovers. He then muses aloud that Shingyouji probably doesn't have anyone but himself to talk to about his adoration for Misu. Misu mentions that Shingyouji is his possession (a line echoed in Pure). Misu decides to take a walk (perhaps to Shingyouji's room??) and Takumi is left alone to change out of school clothes and into an adorable pink sweatshirt.

Takumi looks at the letter from his mother, and the train ticket she included in case he wants to go to his brother's grave. He says, "Well, I guess it's okay," and walks up the stairs to Gii's room. Some freshmen are discussing their tests, and Takumi stands outside of room 300, too nervous to knock. He mentally berates himself for coming that far and then not being able to knock. He wonders if he should just go back to his room. Fortunately, a helpful freshman says that Gii's in his room, he saw him go in there a little while ago! Takumi thanks him, then turns to go, but Helpful Freshman just won't stop being helpful! He knocks on the door and tells Saki-senpai that there's someone to see him! :D Takumi is very flustered. Helpful Freshman leaves, happy in the knowledge that he did a good deed! Gii tells Takumi not to let the freshmen hit on him, and then pushes Takumi into his room.

Minoiwa is in Gii's room, sitting at his couch. He says hello and then suddenly remembers something totally urgent that he simply must attend to right away. Minoiwa, you know how to read a room. XD After he leaves, Gii tells Takumi to sit on the couch and asks if he wants coffee. Before filling the cup, Gii takes off his glasses. He sits next to Takumi on the couch and strokes Takumi's cheek with the back of his hand. Takumi asks if it's really okay for him to be here alone with Gii. Gii says that he was alone with Minoiwa a few moments ago, so it won't seem suspicious - the only suspicious thing will be Gii having so many different visitors (like he's a playboy). Gii mentions that he regretted the kiss in the greenhouse, and then immediately tells Takumi not to misinterpret. What he means is that he has very little self-restraint, so when they kissed in the greenhouse, he was pretty much ready to make love to Takumi right then and there. Takumi asks if Gii isn't mad, then, that he just showed up right now. Gii says of course not, and they kiss.

When they part, Takumi closes his eyes, and Gii tells him to stop looking so inviting. They kiss again, and Gii leans Takumi back on the couch.

Oh look! A gif. :)

Gii says, "Takumi, I won't be in, so I'm going to turn off the lights." He gets off of Takumi, who starts to get up and apologizes, saying he'll go. Gii pushes him back down on the couch and heads for the door. Door locked. Lights off. Takumi bewildered. Gii leans on the edge of the wall, back in view, and asks Takumi which he prefers, the couch or the bed. Takumi says, "Either... one."

The scene transitions to the two of them kissing passionately in bed, which I thought was good, contrary to the other summary of the movie. Lots of gasping and kissing. At one point, they flip so Takumi is sitting on top of Gii, but Gii maneuvers himself back on top. The climax of all this activity of course comes in slow motion, but I don't think it was as awkward as in Bibou no Detail. I loved the sweet, lingering, post-coital kisses they share.

Outside, rain is falling. Takumi and Gii are lying cuddled together in bed, and I was quite satisfied with how comfortable the two of them are with touching each other. There were lots of sweet moments - Gii's hand on Takumi's waist, Takumi touching Gii's chest and shoulder - it all spoke of much more physical comfort than we've seen in the past, which really made the scene sweet for me. Takumi wakes up and wonders when he fell asleep. Gii asks what time it is, and Takumi, realizing how late it is, says he should get back to his room. Gii pulls him close and asks Takumi to be his for tonight. Takumi agrees happily, but then remembers why he wanted to talk to Gii in the first place. Gii asks if it's about the phone call from his mom on Sunday, and then asks if he could go with Takumi to visit his brother's grave (since he remembers the anniversary from last year). Gii claims he doesn't know the correct or Japanese way of asking, so when Takumi sits up, he thinks that he overstepped his bounds and was wrong to ask. They both have adorably ruffled hair.

Takumi says that that was exactly what he wanted to ask Gii, if he'd come with him to visit his brother's grave. He said that he wanted to ask him this whole time, but when he's alone with Gii he can't think. Gii asks Takumi formally, "Can I go with you to visit your brother's grave?" and Takumi says yes. Gii says he wants to leave school together with Takumi instead of meeting at the train station. He wants to do this properly because he feels like he's only been making Takumi cry all year (yes, you have, Gii), and that Takumi's brother would get angry with him if he doesn't start treating Takumi better. Takumi says that Naoto won't be mad, and they share another tender moment holding hands.

Tuesday, June 10. Takumi writes his application to leave school in the Student Affairs Office (remember from Niji Iro no Glass that students need special permission to leave school). There's a brief moment where Gii and Akaike talk about the upcoming plans for Tanabata (July 7, which is the focus date for Pure), and then an underclassman asks Gii for help with English.

Thursday, June 12. Takumi and Akaike are sitting under a roof while rain pours down behind them, drinking can coffee and talking (note: since they filmed in February, they had to simulate all the rain, and apparently Mao and Takki got soaked doing this scene!). Akaike explains that while the prizes aren't that great, there is a totocalcio (Italian for a betting pool for soccer/football matches - thank you, hibimaosuki, for that information!), so there is real money at stake in the snooker competition. He tells Takumi not to let any teachers know about the totocalcio though! Then Akaike mentions offhandedly that Gii is participating in the tournament, so Takumi should support him. Takumi is shocked, remembering that once nominated, you can't drop out of the tournament (and since Gii is the type of person who doesn't let people down, he probably wouldn't just drop out anyway). Takumi says, "Gii, you promised... you said not to worry... you're cruel," and starts crying. Akaike is surprised and concerned.

There is another flashback to when Takumi was a second year, from June Pride, when he got the letter from his mom (the one he crushed in his hand). That scene continues - Takumi stumbles over to a chair with the letter still in his hand, and hears his brother's voice echo in his ears. "Who would love you, Takumi?" Takumi is breathing very heavily. His mother's voice screams, "You aren't my child!" Takumi covers his ears, wondering who is supposed to forgive who (most likely the letter says that his parents forgive him but he thinks - rightly - that he should be the one to decide when to forgive them or something). Just then Akaike comes down the stairs and asks Takumi what's up. Takumi, clearly upset, asks Akaike if he's ever loved someone so much he doesn't want to lose them (Takumi is worried that if Gii found out the truth about him and Naoto, Gii would leave him). Akaike doesn't give Takumi the answers he wants, and Takumi flips out, unable to breathe, and asks how Akaike could be okay with losing Gii. Before Akaike can answer, Takumi faints to the floor.

Still in the flashback, Takumi is lying on his dorm room bed, unconscious. Gii and Akaike are talking in the doorway in low voices - Takumi fainted because he got anemia from too little sleep (remember Gii commented on his insomnia in an earlier flashback?). Akaike asks if Takumi will be okay, if they should take him to a doctor. Gii says that he will be okay, that Gii knew Takumi from when Takumi was the real Takumi (it... sounds slightly less awkward in Japanese), and that he loved him from then on.

Back in the present, Takumi and Misu are studying in their room (well, Takumi is studying; Misu is reading the same manga Shingyouji was reading earlier) when there's a knock on the door. Misu says he'll answer it-- and sure enough, it is Gii. Misu says, "Oh, what a surprise." Takumi looks at Gii, then turns away angrily. Misu tells Gii that Takumi isn't in a good mood. Gii says he has to talk to Takumi, so Misu tells him this is his second "treat" (the first was not reporting Takumi out with Gii all night on Monday), and that he'll come back in an hour.

Gii starts off by saying that Takumi already knows why he's here-- when he is interrupted by Takumi saying lightly that he's studying and wants to be left alone. Gii tries to explain, saying that he had no choice in the matter, but Takumi says he doesn't want Gii's excuses or his explanations. Gii says he'll lose the tournament right away, and Takumi finally snaps, yelling, "Can you do something like that?!" Gii's talent and abilities are his undoing - he can't lose right away because everyone would think it's strange, and it'd be a mess with the totocalcio (people thinking it was fixed). Takumi says it's okay, don't worry, he'll just go alone. Gii protests, and Takumi says, "This conversation is over. Go away." Gii asks him to wait for him on Sunday, but Takumi says he won't wait. Takumi says that Gii really will be good in the tournament, and that he should go fulfill everyone else's expectations. He says that logically he understands, he knows the circumstances, but he still can't forgive Gii no matter how hard he tries. Gii says that everything Takumi says is right, and that this is all his fault. Takumi hides his eyes from view and keeps writing. Gii leaves, and as soon as he closes the door, Takumi takes his hand away, revealing that despite his anger and cold words, his eyes are filled with tears. He buries his head in his arms and cries.

Gii meanwhile returns to his room, throwing his glasses off and hitting the wall and the door, crying as well. A mini flashback shows him honestly hurt by what Takumi said to him, and feeling extremely guilty.

End part 2!
ever_meaever_mea on September 23rd, 2011 05:57 am (UTC)

Thank you so much for your sharing. It is really a detailed writing of Takumi kun series 5 movie. I am eager to see the film now.
libby the lazy lolita: takumisakusha on September 23rd, 2011 06:35 am (UTC)
Haha I worry I made it too detailed! But I figured if some people don't mind spoilers, it would be nice to tide them over with it until the movie comes out!
ever_meaever_mea on September 23rd, 2011 05:59 am (UTC)
By the way ,can I translate your report into my own language and transfer it? I will name the original author.I am looking forward to your reply.Thank you.
libby the lazy lolita: takumisakusha on September 23rd, 2011 06:33 am (UTC)
Sure! Wow, thank you for the honor. Sorry it's so long!
ever_meaever_mea on September 23rd, 2011 07:08 am (UTC)
I don't know how to express my love to this movie. And great appreciation for your reply. Thanks a lot.
ever_meaever_mea on September 23rd, 2011 06:13 am (UTC)
I am reading part I and Part II for several times and break into tears because I am moved by it .
Waiting for your later report of part III.
libby the lazy lolita: takumisakusha on September 23rd, 2011 06:34 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you so much! I just posted part III! Right here!
yunjaeho_loveyunjaeho_love on January 23rd, 2012 11:43 pm (UTC)
hey thank you for this!!!!! i was wondering if u have the link for the movie but with eng sub pls i want to watch this so badly pls and thank you
put_89put_89 on May 19th, 2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
This is so cute!! Do you have the full movie. I've been searching for it TT