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Takumi-kun Series

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Takumi-kun Series

Welcome to the Takumi-kun Community! ☆

This is a Community for all Fans of the Movies of Takumi-kun Series and its actors! Share your Media, start discussions and spread the Takumi-kun Love~!

[1] If you post any Downloads/Media (Videos, Icons,..), please lock them! Same goes for requests.
  • DO NOT UPLOAD ANYTHING LESS THAN A WEEK AFTER ITS ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE (corollary: DO NOT REQUEST FOR UPLOADS OF ANYTHING LESS THAN A WEEK AFTER THE ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE). Keyword here is RESPECT. The vast majority of our members are downloaders who avail of these things for free, thanks to the generous members who save money then take the time to rip, encode, and upload the media. Let's have some respect for ALL those who actually paid for their merchandise but haven't received them yet, shall we? A week is usually a pretty good estimate for most people to receive their packages, so it's a reasonable request to refrain from sharing media so early. Any posts violating this rule will be deleted as soon as a mod finds them.
  • Let's also respect the requests of uploaders. If they want credit, do so. If they ask that their media not be shared/reposted/redistributed/everything-else-I-can't-think-of-at-4am, do not. Respect the money and effort and time spent by uploaders to share whatever they have with this community.
  • Be discreet about your sharing. I love this community and what it stands for, and I'd really hate to have to close it the way the old Kuroshitsuji comm did when they were found out :(
[2] Streaming links of the DVDs are NOT encouraged here. For music videos and interviews and such, feel free to link us all over the place. But any posts/comments that link back to streaming of the actual Making Ofs and Movies will be deleted without warning.

[3] No flaming, Actors-bashing or anything like that. Warning: You'll find Boys Love here. And RPS. Don't like, don't join.

[4] Feel free to post any media that is related to the actors.

[5] Tags are your friends!!

[6] Give credit where it is due: MAKE USE OF THE <A HREF> HTML tag as much as is necessary. If you copy-paste an entire article, DON'T. Excerpts are fine, but always remember to link back to where you got the information.